Hebrew Proficiency Test (YAEL)

If you take the psychometric exam in English (Combine test) immediately after the main part you will be offered to take a test on knowledge of Hebrew, so-called "Yael" ( יע"ל ) exam.


The test on knowledge of Hebrew does not affect your psychometric score, but can serve as a distribution exam. Those who have Israeli matriculation ( בגרות ) are not obliged to take the test. In order to obtain an exemption from the study of Hebrew at the University, one should know the language at "Vav" (sixth) level, according to ulpans' gradation. If you do not want to take the test after the psychometric exam you can do it at another day set by the Institute of Examinations and Assessment. Sometimes you can take "Yael" on your faculty (it is worth checking out if such an service is provided to students).


To register for the "Yael" test, one should apply to Institute of Examinations and Assessment.


"Yael" test consists of four parts: three sections of multiple-choice tests and a written assignment (essay), as the last part. Only two of the three parts of the multiple-choice section will be assessed and the third one is used as the probation of the quality of questions and removal of discrepancies between candidates within various dates of the exam.


A candidate does not know what part of the multiple-choice section of the assessment is the "Pilot", therefore one should try to answer all questions in all sections. There are three types of questions in the multiple-choice sections: sentence completion, reading comprehension and paraphrase. There are 22 questions in each part, time given is 20 minutes for each section. A candidate can spend up to 15 minutes for writing the essay. As a rule, the topic is similar to psychometric essays but they are simplified. Besides, it is required to write an essay for only 12-15 lines.


In general: Hebrew test in psychometric exams consists of four parts, the time offered is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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