Payment Reimbursement from the Ministry of Defense to Lone Soldiers (“hayalim bodedim”)

Soldiers with “lone soldier" status have the right to pay for the psychometric test’s registration fee by means of the Department for Discharged Soldiers. This option is valid for two years from the soldier’s discharge date.

How it Works

Before enrolling for the test, you should contact the Department for Discharged Soldiers and receive a special registration form. This form is already prepaid, all you have to do is fill in your personal details and send it by registered post to the National Institute for Testing and Evaluation. Thus, your only contribution to the registration fee is the cost of sending the form by registered post.

If the forms are out of stock at the Department for Discharged Soldiers, you can order it via NITE’s website here, call the Department for Discharged Soldiers and ask to receive money back from them.


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