Registration on the Day of the Test

We advise you to register for the psychometric test before the regular deadline, however it is still possible to register on the day of the test.

The following points should be taken into consideration:

  • Call NITE’s Registration Center within six business days before the test date to inquire whether or not seats are still available and to receive exact instructions regarding the procedure. NITE’s telephone number is 02-6759555.

  • There is always only one location available (for example, Haifa University) in the case that you register late, so your location preferences are not taken into consideration.

  • The number of places is limited, so your participation in the test is not guaranteed. However, the classroom reserved for those who wish to register on the day of the test is usually small (5-7 students), so the atmosphere is calmer.

  • The registration fee on the day of the test is two and a half times the regular test fee. Payment can be made only in cash, personal checks are not accepted.

  • You should arrive at the test location three hours before the start of the test to find the person in charge for late registration, pay the test fees and get a place in the classroom.

  • Make sure that your personal details are filled in correctly, especially your passport number (or teudat zehut).

Good luck on the test!

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